UFO ROBOT GRENDIZER : Hikaru Makiba (Fr: Venusia)


Hikaru Makiba is finally joining the ever growing 9inch vinyl figure collection, friend of Duke Fleed and key member of the eagle team fighting against the Vegan army force, she is the famous pilot of the marine spacer, able to dock on grendizer's back.  


23 Cm tall (9inch)

Vinyl and pvc material

Window box package: 12 X 6 X 23 Cm

EAN CODE 4589504962077

Made in China


Release time : End March 2021


Price include shipping fee 

-preparation time for shipping takes 10 working days

-Shipping by EMS excepted where local post office do not accept Air transport due to Covid-19, in such case it will be shipped by boat.

UFO ROBOT GRENDIZER - Hikaru Makiba (Fr : Venusia)


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